Gary Mogan

Experience the Excitement

"In life we all start out as being one person, but we  always end up becoming someone else."

The works I have written were a lot of fun formulating a story readers found believable. My hope was the reader would connect with the main characters and find themselves turning page after page to see if their favorite person would make a go of life or fall victim to their arduous situation. In addition, I wanted to create works my children and my Parents would read and still maintain respect for the art of a writer. Keeping within the mainstream of technological advances and use of our ever changing  English language slang terminology, I still found ways to keep my stories relevant without vulgar and/or explicit sexual situations. Overuse of either would not add to the drama, exigent or seriousness of the plot to any of the novels I have written. Certain after you have read any of my works you will agree. Enjoy the Adventure!